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No ideology, no agenda, just a straight take on breaking economic data.

We’re on a mission, a data-driven mission. The “ec” in economics is the same as the “ec” in ecology. The home. Ecology is the study of the home, economics the study of the running of the home. You can also think of it as the study of the distribution of resources, and of how we value what we do and make. Economics underscores all social systems, especially systems of justice; we can’t afford to allow ourselves to ignore that.

Many economists these days are working to head us back toward thinking of economics this way, and to disassociate it from the world of finance. Finance is a cold hand, economics is how we live our lives.

We’re here to assist with the data, both of the kind that helps you with financial planning and investment, and of the kind that will helps us evaluate our social structures.

Each week we winnow through the incoming stuff, chose 5 important pieces, highlight what is important and why, and send it off to you with a graph and a concise note. We’re also on the lookout for data abuse, and will include missives that put such instances into proper context. Our perspective allows you to make intelligent decisions no matter what political or economic outlook you embrace.

Although the pieces below are longer than what we plan to send you, we’re using this space to outline some of the details we’ll be sharing. Please read through these pieces to get an idea of what you will be getting, and we look forward to working with you.


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