More data, more problems. Note on millennials

On Millennials: Our sense of the real story was captured by
a note from Stephanie Mackay. It’s a bit long,
but we didn’t want to take it apart.
(Full disclosure: we have close ties to the Columbus Center.)

I am currently the Chief Innovation Officer
for Columbus Community Center, a social
services agency that serves individuals with
intellectual disabilities [in their efforts to enter
and stay in the labor force]. I mention my
title because in the last fifteen years my job
has evolved from traditional fundraising to
reframing how those of us in the nonprofit
world can collaborate to tackle tough, pervasive
social issues in a more visionary and
impactful way. I do poke fun at millennials on
occasion (I get to because I have two of my
own), but frankly, I have seen a profound shift
in how they think about the world, money,
and social impact. I am actually inspired by
their sophisticated sense of connecting money
with fairness and inclusion.

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