TLR on the Economy

Subscribers to TLR on the economy receive, via email, two detailed reports a month, one reporting the results of our proprietary survey of state withheld receipts, a discussion of what the trend means for the economy, related research and analysis, and a forecast of the upcoming Employment Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; the other does the same thing but is based on our survey of state-level sales tax receipts and includes a forecast of the upcoming Retail Sales print from Census.

In addition, we breakdown the releases themselves, and send updates whenever we spot a new trend developing. This could be in any of the secondary releases, or something noticed by a tax contact, or that we ferreted out in a regional paper or study. TLR is designed for active money managers and traders. We put everything in long-term context, have extensive databases, and look beyond the noise.

We are available to answer questions, and to consider special research projects.

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